Thursday, July 19, 2007

British Beatyourselfupaboutit Corporation

Okay, so it's a serious story, and having grown up in local newspapers where awarding competition prizes to your friends can be a sackable offence, I find it frankly beyond belief that such things have been going on at the BBC.

But however justified, there is something in me that hates to see the corporation beating itself up like this. It's still the greatest broadcasting organisation in the world, and British culture would be immeasurably poorer without it. Let's hear it for the Beeb!

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Toque said...

There's a lesson to be learnt here: The BBC shouldn't be running phone in competitions.

And while we're on the subject the BBC shouldn't use our tax money to buy the rights to, and host, those pathetic lottery programmes (I'm sure punters on the lottery can use ceefax or watch ITV).

Anonymous said...

You surely are having a joke at the expense of the listener/viewer subjected to the apalling diet of left/liberal socialist drivel constantly put out by the Blair BC.

Question Time, chaired by a cretin from Islington too wet to do anything but drip, to a very carefully chosen audience which cheers any disrespect of the royal family, christianity, the "Tory" party, Mrs Thatcher, or our forces overseas. Or the Today Program with the three or four sneering narcissists who could with a wave of their huge intillects solve any problem seen as difficult by any moderate right of centre politician. Most of the time it appears even in comedy programs that only those recruited through the columns of the Guardian work in the BBC, even to the selected audiences.

Only privitisation can cure the entrenched left bias of the BBC. Why in god's name should we have to pay for the organised Gramscian poisoning of the social fabric of our country by cultural degenerates.

stephen rouse said...

Unfortunately for the previous poster, the BBC is the ultimate refutation of the right-wing mantra that publicly-funded bodies stifle risk and innovation, and creative thinking is found only in the private sector. The overwhelming majority of the groundbreaking ideas in quality British television still come from the BBC. Privately-run Sky relies on snapping up US imports which have proved successful on other channels (Lost, 24). Other than Andy Gray's bootroom, I can't think of a single Sky innovation. As for the Beeb being run by a bunch of spineless Blair lackeys - did anonymous sleep through the entire Kelly affair?