Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Comrade Digby

Excellent post here, as ever, from Skipper. While sympathetic to the concept of governments-of-all-the-talents, I think the protesting Labour MPs may well have a point here.

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MorrisOx said...

An 'excellent' post?

Reset your critical faculties, Paul - it's tosh, and obviously written by someone who's never met the man.

Digby is certainly robust and opinionated and I'd expect nothing less from someone who rose to the top in professional services and happens to be passionate about an awful lot of things. Similarly, providing a strong lead when you are, er, leader of an organisation may not be entirely unexpected.

Insights about an ex-CBI leader such as 'Sir Digby Jones, is I suspect a convinced member of the business tribe' are indeed profound. Or something altogether less likely to get through the filter.

As for protesting Labour MPs...go and prove yourself somewhere else.

Paul Linford said...


Much as I hate to take issue with you I think this was a bad mistake by Gordon.

If he wanted business leaders in his administration, he should have found one who was at least mildly sympathetic to his broader political agenda. That would have gone down much better with Labour MPs.

I don't think Bill Jones' post is tosh at all. He is right to say that politics is essentially tribal and while "big tent" politics can work some of the time, if you bring in someone who clearly appears to belong to the "enemy" tribe there is always a risk it will backfire.

The reaction of Labour MPs seems quite mild compared to what Tory MPs might do were Dave to ask, say, Tony Woodley to join the shadow cabinet.