Friday, July 06, 2007

Genesis 070707

As a Derby County fan with Arsenalesque tendencies, Old Trafford is not somewhere I would normally frequent, but I'm making an exception tomorrow for the return of Genesis to live performance after a break of 15 years. I've followed the band through thick and thin since the 1970s, despite - or perhaps because of - the fact that for most of that time they've been the most deeply unfashionable band in the world.

Like most of the "old" fans, I'll be hoping for a fair bit of "old" stuff tomorrow, and with the re-releases of the 1976-82 material currently on the market, that's a distinct possibility!

Of course, this tour featuring the Banks - Collins - Rutherford line-up is being viewed by many as merely a curtain-raiser for the long-awaited reunion of the "classic" 1970-75 line-up incorporating Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, rumours of which continue to persist among the Genesis online community.

Be that as it may, I'll be making the most of the chance to see musical heroes live once again tomorrow, rain or no rain!

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Lord Straf-Dresden said...

Er ... how do these Arsenalesque tendencies actually manifest themselves, Paul?

Grendel said...

I’d agree on the classic line up, but one shouldn’t forget the contribution of Anthony Philips?

It would be a Knife to credibility not to wouldn’t it?

Richard Bailey said...

When I was about 12 (1983), I nicked a cassette from my older brother which had Selling England By The Pound on one side and Trick of the Tail on the other and I listened to it everyday.
They remain two of my favourite albums of all time.

We are, Paul, as always, at one!!

Anonymous said...

Gald to see I'm not the only Derby fan in bloggerland. Lose your Arsenal leanings please though

Clive B said...

Travelled from Derby as well yesterday. Two and a half hours of sheer class, with a great mix of old and newer. Wish I had Collins' energy!

Paul Linford said...

"Lord Straf-Dresden."

It basically means that out of the teams that actually stand a chance of winning anything in British football these days, I prefer to see Arsenal win than Man U, Chelsea or Liverpool.

My family are historically Arsenal supporters, and my dear old Uncle Eric first took me to Highbury aged nine back in 1971, but I think people should by and large try to support their local teams, and for me that means the Rams.

David Gladwin said...

The Rams, Paul? Surely that's not your local team!

Come on you Nailers!

Paul Linford said...

Well, Dave, you're right to the extent that the first football match I take George to will not be at Pride Park but at Belper Meadows. But I myself get to watch Derby fairly regularly these days, courtesy of my boss who has a company season ticket!