Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gordon scores

The Tories are predictably fuming about the fact that Gordon Brown has succeeded in re-focusing attention on the issue of politicians' drug-taking pasts, first by pledging to look again at the reclassification of cannabis and then by persuading Home Secretary Jackie Smith to fess up to having a toke at university.

Why do they protest so much? Isn't it a perfectly legitimate tactic for a party leader to seek to put his opposite number on ths spot over an issue - particularly when they have brought the problem on themselves by being less than open about it in the past?

But whatever the low politics of the situation, it's the right move by Gordon. Cannabis is evil shit and I have witnessed at first hand the kind of psychosis it can induce in regular users, in my case in a former landlord. An old newspaper colleague of mine, Huw Lewis, had an experience that was, sadly, even closer to home.

And in case anyone's wondering....yes, I did, once or twice, and all it ever gave me was a bloody headache.

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Anonymous said...

You may be sure that most of the denizens of Westminster smoked pot as an early marker of their moral worth. My understanding is that testing for coke in the lavatories, restaurants, bars of Westminster, proves positive everywhere. So be assured that the marks of the ruling elite's degeneracy are well marked. The clinical signs of psychosis are not too common in the Commons and Lords, but the lesser manifestations are.

Toque said...

I've also witnessed first hand the kind of psychosis that it can trigger in users.

But I used it regularly, and in vast quantities, for years and never had any problems. And so did the vast majority of my friends, all of whom are university educated professionals.

In fact, I can say with complete honesty, that having tried bucket loads of drugs of various types the only one that I've ever had a bad experience with is alcohol.

As with most things that are fun, there are risks. If you can't handle it, if you have a family history of depression or schizophrenia, then don't do it (and don't do any other psychotropic drug either).

As for the fuss about Jacqui Smith, who cares?

I'd be more worried if she hadn't tried cannabis. It's a shame that some of her predecessors (Blunkett, Clarke and Reid) weren't forced to smoke it to chill them out a bit.

skipper said...

Me too re the headache- at least with booze you get a kind of high beforehand. I've known of people who have had really bad repercussions from cannabis too- very confusing as we have been told- and I used to believe- it was less harmful than alcohol.

MorrisOx said...

Cannabis may well be 'evil shit' but it would do Broon a power of good at the Despatch Box.

Anonymous said...

Toque said,
"But I used it regularly, and in vast quantities, for years and never had any problems. And so did the vast majority of my friends, all of whom are university educated professionals"
Harmless he said! The constant supply of money to criminals, and diversion of same from family, or charity. The associated crime. I'm afraid those educated university professionals are merely morally weak jellyfish, and certainly not "educated" in the meaning of the word. The detritus of half educated liberal drop outs.

David Gladwin said...

I've never been slow to take the piss out of dope smokers for speaking at an infuriatingly slow pace and rambling on about nothing in particular before getting the nibbles and falling asleep...but like Ecstasy (of whose apparent evils we've heard rather less recently) it's nothing like as much of a problem as smack and crack.

Why is it that everyone seems to get so steamed up about middle class drug use, no matter how minor, whilst the lower reaches of society continue to consume and destroy themselves on the serious stuff?

Toque said...

I didn't say it was harmless.

Anonymous, As for the association with crime, that's why drugs should be decriminalised. Your arguments sound very like those deployed by the people in favour of prohibition in the US. You should change your name from 'Anonymous' to 'Victorian Dad' - assuming you are sufficinetly educated to figure out how to do so.