Thursday, February 14, 2008

Boulton's Babes and Linford's Lovelies

Pleased to see that Sky Pol Ed Adam Boulton has once again ignored the PC brigade and published his list of the top ten most fanciable MPs for the second Valentine's Day running.

With due deference to the poster who described last year's list as "sexist claptrap" which this blog should be "above," I shall do likewise (2007 figures in brackets.)

1 Julia Goldsworthy (3)
2 Caroline Flint (2)*
3 Yvette Cooper (1)
4 Justine Greening (7)
5 Alison Seabeck (8)
6 Celia Barlow (4)
7 Claire Ward (5)
8 Helen Southworth (6)
9 Lynne Featherstone (9)
10 Blunkett's Dog (New Entry)

* Judge for yourself on Question Time tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Sexist claptrap indeed. Ah well - another blog off the RSS reader.

Not cool.

Anonymous said...

It might silence any cries of sexism, Paul, if you were to produce a similar list of male MPs.

Paul Linford said...


Politaholic said...

Blunkett's Dog certainly comes well ahead of most of the rest of the field.

janestheone said...

Claire Ward? have you seen th legs? tree trunks not in it. And I have got chnaged with her and her body is covered with thick black hair.

Anonymous said...

Yvette Cooper? She's a plain shrill little pixie. Why no place for Jenny Willott? ( Laura Moffatt the former nurse who can tend to me any time.

janestheone said...

to start off the chaps' list - Mark Field and James Gray. Graham Allen is like a D.H. Lawrence hero. Kevan Jones is deeply unattractive.