Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's...

Chairman of the Lobby Adam Boulton has today struck a blow for serious political journalism by nominating his Top 10 Most Fanciable MPs which for the sake of completeness includes some male Parliamentarians even though Adam himself is robustly heterosexual. It is disappointing that neither Jonathan Calder, Guido Fawkes, or Iain Dale have risen to the challenge to produce their own lists, but here for the record is mine!

1 Yvette Cooper
2 Caroline Flint
3 Julia Goldsworthy
4 Celia Barlow
5 Claire Ward
6 Helen Southworth
7 Justine Greening
8 Alison Seabeck
9 Lynne Featherstone
10 Joan Ryan

Nos 1 & 2 may well figure among my tips to be in Gordon's first Cabinet - but on the grounds of ability, rather than looks, I hasten to add.

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    jadedexhack said...

    all sexist claptrap. Thought you might be aboue this paul.

    Cyberleader said...

    Its only a bit of fun, but wheres the piccies?

    What a shame Yulia Timoshenko isn't a UK political figure :)

    Paul Linford said...


    Come on, if it's good enough for the Chairman of the Lobby....

    UK Daily Pundit said...

    Yvette Cooper!

    Ed Balls said...

    You would though, wouldn't you?

    RedEye said...

    Jo Swinson and Jenny Willott should be in the list. Theresa Villiers as well, even if her jawline is slightly long.

    Completely agree with the inclusion of Cooper and Flint, though.

    I bet Priti Patel will be included after the next GE.

    The most outstandingly gorgeous PPC in post-war British political history would, meanwhile, be Sangheeta Sidhu, who stood for the Tories in Blackburn in 97 (sadly nothing's been heard - or seen - of her since).