Friday, February 09, 2007

Has Miliband blown it?

As regular readers of this blog will know I have long tipped Environment Secretary David Miliband for great things under Gordon Brown, including possibly a 50-50 shot at the Chancellorship. But I can't imagine that the PM-in-waiting will have been too chuffed by the Boy Wonder's remarks on BBC Question Time last night.

"I predict that when I come back on this programme in six months or a year’s time, people will be saying ‘wouldn’t it be great to have that Blair back because we can’t stand that Gordon Brown’."

Miliband tried to explain it away by saying he was merely making the point that people always complain about the sitting Prime Minister, but the Brownites will view the comment as, at best, inept and, at worst, indicative of the mindset in the "Blair Bunker."

I don't think Gordon will forget this, and it may well take him a fairly long time to forgive. I may have to revise my predictions as to the make up of Brown's future Cabinet.

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Anonymous said...

Miliband reminds me of Sir Keith Joseph, an intellectual who isn't very streetwise.

That Miliband uses the word 'clot' in describing teammates on the House of Commons football team just shows how lacking he is in the common touch.

Dirk Nachbar said...

Probably it wasn't very wise to say that, but I think you are putting too much into that. I think he meant what I later explained.

This episode will be forgotten - by us and Brown - as quickly as Cameron's "drug trial".