Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lets hear it for the girls...

At the risk of permanently alienating those who believe the history of popular music came to an end with the death of Curtis, or at the very least with the breakup of the Smiths a few years later, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's Brit Awards and in particular the award of Best Single to Girls Aloud for The Promise.

Okay, so I don't generally go in for their kind of music, and had such a manufactured outfit won an award such as Best Group it would have been a travesty, but I know a perfectly-crafted pop single when I hear one and The Promise is one such.

They don't come along too often. Keane had one a few years back with Everybody's Changing, Kylie Minogue has had several - notably Better The Devil You Know and Can't Get You Out of My Head - while one that I always remember from my teenage years was Never Let Her Slip Away by Andrew Gold.

So well done to Cheryl, Kimberley, Nicola, Sarah and Nadine - not forgetting Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Jason Resch, Kieran Jones, and Carla Marie who actually wrote the song.

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David Gladwin said...

We've been here before, Paul.

I have no opinion on Girls Aloud, but I do have (the same old) something to say about awards ceremonies in general: they're meaningless, and they tell us nothing about the quality of the music being promoted, only that it is being promoted, because that's what these bashes are for.

The music industry puts up the money, and the big labels offer up the acts whose product they want us to buy over the next year or so. It's a trade fair. Big deal.

I'm not sure whether modern police officers can be relied upon to provide the time accurately, but I do know that you shouldn't ask the shopkeeper what you should be buying.

Unlike most people who work in the business, I really do love music, so if anyone fancies listing the categories from the Brits marketing exercise, I'll be happy to suggest some alternatives.