Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it game on for Alan Johnson?

It's hard not to detect a pattern forming here....but full marks to the UK Daily Pundit who clearly knew something a good week or so before the mainstream media caught up with it.

"According to one source the Health Secretary will publicly denounce Brown's leadership before the June elections. Word is, the Miliband/Johnson dream ticket is back on and they want Brown out by September."

UK Daily Pundit

"Only Johnson can hold back the Tories. The Prime Minister's mistakes are catching up with him. If his party stays loyal to him, it means certain electoral ruin"

John Rentoul, Independent

"The Tories, for their part, are privately wondering which of his prospective successors they should fear most: as it happens, Alan Johnson, interviewed in the current issue of The Spectator, is the figure who bothers the Cameroons most."

Matthew d'Ancona, Telegraph

"If Brown stepped aside and was replaced by, say, Alan Johnson, then Labour might do better in that election. The one quality Johnson does have is authenticity - and that is what is needed right now. Labour people aren't saying they would actually win it, but think that they could limit a Tory majority, or hold them to a hung parliament."

Jackie Ashley, Guardian

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Gareth said...

Let's hope so, English politicians for English voters - to paraphrase something someone once said.

Ted Foan said...

Do you think he's got the stomach for it, Paul? I mean Johnson to face down Brown?

I thought Miliband had shot his bolt last summer and is out of the picture?

Gareth said...

The latest Mori poll puts Labour a whopping 20% behind the Tories. Someone must be sharpening a knife somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The pollster Frank Luntz did an interesting experiment on Newsnight with Labour leadership contenders a couple of years back. People were very responsive to Johnson when they heard about his biography (it certainly contrasts to Cameron) but switched off when they were shown him speaking. He'd have to work on that.