Monday, February 23, 2009

Whatever happened to the Grey Man of Toryism?

The latest edition of Total Politics is now online and I continue my regular "Where Are They Now?" column with a look at the career of Grey Gowrie, who probably deserves to be remembered for more than just resigning from Mrs Thatcher's Cabinet on the grounds that it didn't pay him enough to live in London.

I would also strongly recommend an excellent a piece by blogging Labour MP Tom Harris on why David Cameron is guilty of "silly populism" and "dog whistle politics" in bringing forward plans to reduce the number of MPs.

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Ted Foan said...

Yes, but where is he now? Your bio stopped in 1998. Is he still going strong?

broncodelsey said...

Tom Harris obviously keen to keep the gravy train running,not a single serious argument in his piece why the numbers shouldn't be cut.

angry voter said...

Surely your comment about the greed-is-good era of the 1980's is far more applicable to-day.

At least in the 1980's the so called greed was from private enterprise,whereas to-day's greed (Jacqui Smith,Ann & Alan Keen,The Balls etc,not to mention members of the House of Lords)is all at the expense of the taxpayer.