Monday, May 16, 2005

Worst Band Names Ever?

My good friend David Gladwin and I had a long email debate the other day about the worst band names of all time. He reckoned Prefab Sprout deserved the accolade, arguing that the negative vibes associated with these two words actually inhibited their chart success. My own nomination went to Hear'Say - what on earth was that apostrophe all about?

The best online discussion I have read about this vital issue can be found here


Toque said...

Perhaps it was a possessive apostrophe to signify that they were corporate whores.

My vote would have to go to Bananarama simply because it is such an annoying word. Or any other pretentious name - I'm thinking of things like 'Boyz to Men' with the pathetic Z to make them feel happening.

Brother Roy said...

Horticultural Society