Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jury still out on Ming

Differing opinions on the blogosphere today on whether Ming Campbell's problems have worsened or eased following this afternoon's PMQs.

Iain Dale: Ming Bombs Again at Question Time
Guido: Ming Doesn't Mess Up PMQs
Recess Monkey: Ming the Mindless
Skipper: Reading the Clues at PMQs

Unfortunately I didn't see it, so am unable to add my two penn'orth on this occasion, but I doubt there's much he could do to alter my view that the Lib Dems have made a big mistake.

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skipper said...

Simon Hoggart seemed to think Ming did OK but I got the impression of a guy who was very nervous and possibly ill. If I were a Lib Dem member instead of mere sympathiser, I'd be worried about his ability to lead the party- it might get lost again as it did this time last year under Kennedy.