Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gordon listens

I'll have more to say on it later in the week no doubt, but first impressions of today's Draft Queen's Speech are fairly positive.

More help for first-time buyers, a savings scheme for eight million low earners, more flexible working rights for parents, action to tackle underperforming schools - you cannot say that the government is not listening to peoples' everyday concerns in bringing forward such ideas.

Okay, so some of the ideas have previously been proposed by the Conservatives, but that's politics. You could argue that the Conservatives have been not exactly been shy of emulating Labour policies over recent years, particularly since David Cameron became leader.

Media reaction tommorrow morning will be interesting. Will the papers treat these proposals on their own merit, or will they just decide that everything that comes out of the Brown government is thereby automatically damned? Watch this space....

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Anonymous said...

Gordon listens to the people after 11 years a a bit late isn't it.

Anonymous said...

We've had all this stuff numerous times before,he's going to do more on Education,that was supposed to happen 11 years ago.


Letters From A Tory said...

What policies has Cameron taken from Brown?!?!

As I made clear on my blog today, these Bills are an absolute joke and an insult to the electorate. They will cost billions but achieve little.

Unknown said...

Hmmm. I read it more as a case that Gordon is handing out government (i.e. taxpayers) cash, again, when they can ever more ill afford it.

The amount of 'social housing' (itself a tax on those who have saved to afford their own homes in the first place) is increasing by the day, and Gordon is compounding the issue. If you have worked your bo110cks off to afford your first flat you don't want to see the next-door flat being given for free to someone who would never be able to afford it themselves and spends their benefits on L&B and Stella while you are spending your days at work, to pay your increasing tax bill.

When will Gordon Brown realise that he can afford to wade into every situation waving government bonds, paid for with spiralling debt? The financial cost is too high and the social cost of his policies far too high.

Anonymous said...

Sehr geEhrter Paul

An Economy fraying into recession -- spiralling Government debt/taxation ... jobs/businesses driven abroad by increasing regulation & taxation on employment --- unemployment being to visibly rise ...

... but "Gordon is listening"

-- so that's all right, then

In your list of things Gordon is "listening to", is there any ONE item which is adding to this Country's ability to CREATE WEALTH required to pay for sensitive, left-of-centre "social consciences"

Your obedient servant etc

G Eagle

Stephen said...

Gordon may be listening, but he's scarcely engaged his brain. What on earth is he doing helping first-time buyers? Our property values are wildly over-inflated, and rather than encouraging people to take on heavy commitments when the market is at it's peak, he should let it crash; that would mean more affordable housing for everyone. And there's a crying need for proper regulation of the mortgage industry so that our economy is less dependent on personal debt secured against the over-estimated value of peoples' homes.