Monday, April 10, 2006

The Local Elections: Blair's next big challenge

Will a bad result for Labour in the local elections on May 4 finally do for Tony Blair - or will it merely harden his desire to remain in office so he can go out on a "high?"

I discuss both points of view in this week's Column and accompanying Podcast.

Meanwhile Alan Milburn has admitted he is considering standing against Gordy for the Labour leadership, confirming Paddy Hennessy's original October 2005 story in the Sunday Telegraph.

My view however, like that of Michael White is that he lacks sufficient support in the PLP to mount a genuine challenge and is merely putting his toes in the water to see what sort of response he gets.

Blair-must-go watch update:

  • Calling for Blair to go now/this year

    Ashok Kumar
    The Guardian
    The Daily Telegraph
    The Economist
    The New Statesman
    Polly Toynbee
    Matthew Parris
    Jonathan Freedland
    David Clark
    Stephen Pollard
    Paul Linford
    BBC Newsnight poll
    Times Populus poll

  • Predicting Blair will go this year

    Nick Assinder
    Guido Fawkes
    Iain Dale

  • Privately hoping Blair will go this year


  • Calling for Blair to go next year

    The Times
    Rhodri Morgan

  • Predicting Blair will go in 2008

    Charles Clarke

    Richard Bailey said...

    I remember very clearly the day that Milburn resigned. I said then and I remain convinced that he did so to ensuire that he could have a shot at the big one without being tarnished by close association with Blair. I also believe that Blair is in on Milburn's plan.

    Paul Linford said...

    If that really was Milburn's strategy, Richard, it's failed spectacularly! Milburn is perceived as much more closely associated with Blair than Brown is.