Friday, April 07, 2006

Prescott holds the key

"Stoical and loyal, he more than anyone embodies the Labour interest. His own legacy now demands that he live up to that reputation by galvanising party opinion behind an orderly leadership transition by the autumn."

So writes David Clark in today's Guardian in a typically well-argued piece about how Blair's refusal to stand down is damaging the Labour Party.

Prescott is the nearest thing the Labour Party has to the Tories' fabled "men in grey suits" and if it is down to anyone to tell Blair the game is up, it is down to him.

Further proof of how Blair has damaged the party at grassroots level can be found in this article, also in the Guardian.

In other developments....the excellent and ironically-titled Backing Blair website is back, this time urging Labour voters to desert the party on May 4 if they want to get rid of the PM (see logo below.)

This is another of Tim Ireland's initiatives, so I'm glad we're now able to stand shoulder to shoulder agaisnt the common enemy (as Guido might put it) following yesterday's minor disagreement over Mazher Mahmood.

Also planning for the post-Blair era is the social democratic pressure group Compass which is organising a conference on Labour's future.

Just check out that pregnant slogan "The future is almost here...."


stalin's gran said...

The future is always almost here - and Compass will always be total bollocks.

Paul Linford said...

Bit of a Blairite on the quiet are we, Gran ;-)

skipper said...

Re Prescott and the 'men in suits'; wouldn't he be one of the 'men in flat caps? Maybe such an appellation is too hopelessly Old Labour, but Prescott, at least, could claim title to such headgear.

Anonymous said...

Not if you're a social democrat. Who in the Labour party these days would be seen wearing a flat cap apart from maybe Dennis Skinner?

You can't drive a Jag and be a man of the people. That goes for Ming as well, Im sure I've seen him wearing a variety of hats round Westminster...