Friday, December 28, 2007

Eight wishes for 2008

A few days ago I was tagged by Thunderdragon to do the "eight new year wishes" meme that originally started with Iain Dale, so here are mine:

1. That my wife Gill and I will be able to start putting our stamp on our new home.

2. That I will manage to spend more time enjoying the lovely countryside where I live.

3. That Gordon Brown will give us all some idea of what his government is supposed to be about.

4. That Channel 4 will decomission Big Brother.

5. That Hillary Clinton will lose the US presidential election.

6. That Mark Ramprakash will be recalled to the England cricket team.

7. That the nationwide Christian social action initiative, Hope 08, will bring in a rich harvest.

8. That the evil tyrant Robert Mugabe will finally be overthrown in Zimbabwe.

Most of the blogosphere seems to already have been tagged by this by now, but if they have not been "done" already, I am tagging Mars Hill,, UK Daily Pundit, Leon Green, Hopi Sen, and Kate.

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Red Eye said...

'That Hillary Clinton will lose the 2008 US presidentail election'.

I could understand if you wanted her to lose the primaries, but I query your (implied) wish for her to lose next November's general election, as this implies you might be happy to see the election of a Republican candidate such as Giuliani, Huckabee or Romney.

That said, I might just understand if you'd prefer to see McCain win.

RedEye said...

McCain is, of course, a Republican also, but (his kowtowing to the religious right aside) has a certain sincerity, decency and independence that appeals to some UK Labour people who would normally support Democrat candidates in US presidential elections.

The really big problem for many GOP voters in this year's primaries is that the one candidate they really want (Jeb Bush) is ruled out by his surname, and that another (Bill Owens) isn't running.

Kate said...

As redeye says, what's the deal with the 'Hillary to lose' wish, Paul? Sorry if I've missed anything you've already written on the US election, but are you inferring you want to see the Republicans win?

(Thanks for the tag btw!)

David Gladwin said...


He might have been implying it, but he wasn't inferring it.



Paul Linford said...

Redeye, Kate

It's quite simple, I think it's time the good old US of A weaned itself off its apparent addiction to dynastic politics. If Hillary wins, the presidency will have gone Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton from 1989 to (potentially) 2017. I don't think that's a particularly healthy situation for a country that so prides itself on "democracy."

As for who I'd rather see win, I'd be happy with either John Edwards from the Democrat side or John McCain from the GOP.