Thursday, December 13, 2007

More than 80pc of you say Harriet should go

Despite the current focus on Jacqui Smith - a sacrifical lamb if ever there was one - Harriet Harman is not yet quite out of the woods over the dodgy donations affair. My poll shows that 84pc of readers of this blog think she should resign and I reckon that is pretty close to where public opinion as a whole currently stands.

Clear favourite to replace her was Jon Cruddas with 38pc of the vote to 15pc for the next highest-placed candidate, Alan Johnson, 13pc for John Denham and 12pc for Hilary Benn but there appears to be much less interest in this potential contest, possibly reflecting the fact that after this summer's interminable marathon, we're all feeling a bit deputy-leadershipped-out.

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Anonymous said...

I think Jacqui Smith is out of the woods: Gordon "Uncle Joe" Brown has nailed his colours (yes he has come down of the fence for a whole couple of days).

The vultures, like me, await the various internal reports with interest. I guess they will be leaked on Sunday to the press. Followed by publication on Christmas Eve, about 11:30am.

Anybody want to bet against my theory? (looks like I'm down on Chris Huhne) I need to make the money up from the Nu Lab plonkers

Anonymous said...

When you ran a poll on Darling's job security, the spotlight switched to Harman. Now you've run one on Harman the heat has (perhaps temporarily)gone off her and onto Jacqui Smith. She'll be begging you to run one on her next!

Paul Linford said...

And if I recall correctly, it was on Smith (over underestimating the number of migrants) before it went onto Darling, so we seem to be going round in circles.