Friday, December 21, 2007

Political blogger of the year: Sunny Hundal

Tory blogfather Iain Dale is running a comprehensive set of End of Year Political Awards, with categories from Politician of the Year, to Political Journalist of the Year, to Sexiest Politician of the Year (what?) and Political Blogger of the Year. The results should be entertaining.

But rather bizarrely, his shortlist for Political Blogger of the Year includes neither himself nor his left-of-centre counterpart, Sunny Hundal. This is odd as the pair of them are by far the two most influential figures in the blogosphere at present.

Sunny is the man who, in setting up Liberal Conspiracy has brought some sort of order to the disparate left blogosphere this year. The site is still in its early days, but to get 15-20 left-of-centre bloggers working together at all represents a huge achievement in my view.

The political blogosphere, initially a rather liberal-left fragment of cyberspace, has been dominated by the right for the past couple of years. Next year, thanks in no small part to Sunny's efforts, we will hopefully see some balance restored.

* To spare Sunny's blushes, I have NOT cross-posted this at Liberal Conspiracy.

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Iain Dale said...

A very good point about Sunny. And in retrospect I should have included him. However, I asked my readers for nominations and put anyone one the shortlist who got more than three nominations. Sunny didn't. Tim Ireland did.

Anonymous said...

Why again is it called Liberal Conspiracy? It's neither liberal, Liberal[1], nor a conspiracy.

Sure it fits the American version of the term liberal (i.e. European social democrat) but that's rather odd for a UK site, no?

It's too late now but really Social Democracy Home or Social Democratic Consolidation or something that actually incorporated what the site is about would make far more sense. Really, anything that makes more sense than show-horning a rather mistaken American political term to a British political site.

As to the actual topic, I agree that Sunny seems like a person to be on the list. (The horribly misnamed) Liberal Conspiracy has been doing quite well.

[1] It fits perhaps half the Liberal-Democrat party, does not remotely fit the Australian Liberals, and is a pretty good fit for most of the Canadian Liberal party.

Paul Linford said...

For the record, I wanted it to be called "Vast Left Wing Conspiracy." The consensus was that too many people would fail to get the joke.

Unknown said...

Ha - I used to call the right links bloggregator vast right wing conspiracy. I can assure you that nobody gets my jokes. Happy New Year by the way.