Monday, December 17, 2007

Kylie in X-factor fix

I'm glad I'm not the only political blogger who watched the X-Factor, and I agree that young Leon Jackson probably couldn't lose after a skimpily-dressed Kylie Minogue took to the stage to duet with him in a smooth jazz version of her summer 1990 classic Better the Devil You Know.

Meanwhile, here (according to a poster on runner-up Rhydian Roberts' fan blog) is how the conversation between Kylie and X-factor judge sister Dannii might have gone....

Dannii: "Kylie we want you to sing with Leon"
Kylie: "Isn't he the one that you said almost wets himself on stage and sings flat?"
Dannii: "Yes, but...well Simon says he can do something with my career if you agree"
Kylie:" Hmmm"
Dannii: "Oh, and don't bother with clothing, just wear your underwear"

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Anonymous said...

Without wishing to add to the long tradition of Welsh sour grapes, all Saturday night's result proved is that Scotland has twice the population of Wales. Next time the Scots complain about some injustice visited upon them because of England's greater population, they might wish to consider the case of poor Rhyddian. Of course, it is just possible I'm getting this out of proportion.

Sheesh Kabeesh said...

Hello there - thank you for quoting my blog.
Calling Leon's performance Smooth Jazz does a massive disservice to both Jazz and the whole concept of smoothness.

Mr Blister

Anonymous said...

It was fixed in another way although maybe not intentionally. The Christmas song chosen was by far more suited to Leons voice than the Rhydians. I cannot believe that the country needs yet another crooning, boy band'esc lad who sounds much the same as all the rest, but if your commercial then your commercial and the likes of Cowell will exploit you.
Can you imagine Leon doing 'Oh holy night' better than Rhydian? No way!

Well done Leon but the best man did not win.

Julie said...

I'm a Scot, but I'm afraid as a musician, I have to agree. Don't worry about it; Rhyddian will go on in the industry because he has the stamina for it and he'll probably already have a contract lined up; Leon will sink without trace within a few months. Think Steve and G4. What? Who's Steve? Well, see what I mean?

Paul Linford said...


My fear is that Rhydian may end up falling between two stalls - not quite good enough a classical singer to be the next Bryn Terfel, but too good a classical singer to be a pop star.

I hope you're right, and that I'm wrong.

Paul Linford said...

Or even stools. It's getting late...

Anonymous said...

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