Monday, December 03, 2007

Move over Darling

A couple of weeks' back I asked readers on this blog who should replace Alistair Darling as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Such has been the pace of events since then that Mr Darling now looks like one of the government's more secure ministers but for the record the result was:

  • George Osborne 39%
  • Vincent Cable 17%
  • Ed Balls 11%
  • Jack Straw 11%
  • John Denham 5%
  • David Miliband 5%
  • Ruth Kelly 1%
  • Alistair Darling should keep the job 12%

    The most surprising thing about this was not that Osborne and Cable were ahead of all Labour contenders but that Ed Balls should be regarded as the leading alternative Labour Chancellor. I continue to believe that Balls has been overpromoted as he is and should go back to being a backroom boy, or preferably, to writing FT leaders.

    Anyway, a new week, a new poll - or two to be precise: Should Harriet Harman resign, and if so, Who should replace her as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

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    MorrisOx said...

    Who should replace Harman? Step forward Starbucks-drinking, Paul Smith-wearing, Photoshop-benefiting-from Mr James Purnell.

    Without in any way resorting to out-dated class-based jealousy I think it is high time this public school Smart Alec-o-crat was exposed for the calculating careerist he really is.

    Anonymous said...

    Wer ist "Ed Balls"

    ... oh, you mean "MR Yvette Cooper"

    How much "family influence" is there among the Comrades, beyond :

    the said Ed & Yvette

    the Milliband Brothers

    Mrs Jack Dromey & MR Harriet Harman