Monday, October 02, 2006

That Cameron speech in full

1. He's against tax cuts.
2. He's in favour of "trusting ordinary people to make decisions about their own lives."
3. He's against people "banging on about Europe."
4. He's in favour of sunshine.
5. Er, that's it.

If you really must, you can read a fuller version HERE, including the immortal closing line "the quiet man is here to stay and he's turning up the volume" "let sunshine win the day."

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cassilis said...

"Let sunshine win the day.."

Superficial I'll grant you but very hard for Gordon to take issue with surely? Would he respond with:

"No, a period of low pressure and mixed showers wins the day"?

There's a metaphor about the economy in there somewhere but I don't have the wit to find it.

skipper said...

Agree the 'sunshine' bit was toe curling. Also Tories have never been that optimistic about human nature- hence their Hobbsean stress on law and order. Cameron comes over a 'Blair-lite' which, you have to agree, is really pretty lite.

Dave, Nice but Knave said...

Fuller version

here also