Monday, March 20, 2006

Farewell, Humphrey - you were a reminder of a gentler age

I was very sad to learn from the BBC this morning of the death of Humphrey the Downing Street cat.

Humphrey was a stray who was taken in to Number 10 during the last days of Margaret Thatcher and became almost synomymous with the place during John Major's time as Prime Minister.

He was unceremoniously evicted in 1997 at the behest of Cherie Blair amid all sorts of ghastly rumours she had actually had him done in.

Thankfully those rumours were untrue - but it's a shame poor old Humphrey didn't live to see the Blairs equally unceremoniously evicted from Number 10 as they doubtless will be before too long.

March 21 update: The great Michael White has now penned a full tribute to Humphrey which can be read here.


Anonymous said...


What kind of pet might Gordon Brown like to have around the place at Number 10, assuming that he gets the gig?

Bob Piper said...

If the moggy was there when Thatch was in office she probably had the bloody thing bugged, so well done Cherie babe.

I suspect Gordon is not much of a 'pet' type, somehow.

gigi said...

farewell, Humphrey..... :(((((