Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ken Linford 21.12.27 - 21.3.81

Today is the 25th anniversary of the death of my father, Ken Linford.

He was in the motor trade for most of his life and at the time he died was general manager of a car showroom in Hitchin, Herts where I grew up.

We didn't always have the easiest of relationships but I like to think we'd have got on a lot better once I was older, although he would probably have been horrified that his son ended up in a grubby profession like journalism instead of something fine and upstanding like architecture or the law!

I do know however that he would have been very proud of his little grandson George. Right from the moment he was born in 2004 I have caught glimpses of my dad in him, and I find it very comforting that even though he has been dead such a long time some small part of him has managed to survive.

Of my many memories of dad, the one which I perhaps treasure the most is of an evening about three months before he died when we went out for our first curry together. It was perhaps the first and only time that I felt we were able to relate to eachother as adults, and I suspect there would have many more such times had he lived.

I also pay tribute to his honesty in business, which was legendary in his field of work, and his gift for friendship.

As a mark of respect, there will be no other posts on this blog today even if Blair resigns.

Rest in peace dad.


Iain Dale said...

Very moving, Paul.

stalin's gran said...

I absolutely agree but have held off from saying so. I had a similar situation myself and I found what you said hit home...good to get it out!