Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two reasons why Blair is finished

1. A Prime Minister with a majority of 66 is forced to rely on Conservative votes to get through a reform which he claimed would form a vital part of his legacy.

2. Labour's Treasurer is forced to launch an investigation into his own party's finances over accusations that loans were exchanged for peerages.

The Government has now lost all political and moral authority. Tony Blair came to power in 1997 on a tide of so-called Tory "sleaze" but it is now clear that his administration is the sleaziest since the original cash-for-honours scandal involving Lloyd George.

When Labour donors become so brazened that they stand up and demand to know "where's my peerage?" as Chai Patel did, it is clear we are living in a corrupt and decadent political culture.

Since 1997 Blair has made reform of the public services his number one priority - but in his increasing obsession with "marketisation" he has completely failed to carry his party with him.

New Labour's spin machine and its fawning acolytes in the national media will doubtless tell us otherwise tomorrow - but this Prime Minister is now holed below the waterline.


Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly enough, there's a Morrissey lyric for this one, too:

Oh, you silly old man.
You silly old man.
You're making a fool of yourself,
so get off the stage.

You silly old man,
in your misguided trousers,
with your mascara and your Fender guitar,
and you think you can arouse us?

But the song that you just sang,
it sounds exactly like the last one,
and the next one,
I bet you it will sound
like this one.

Downstage, and offstage,
don't you feel all run in?
And do you wonder when they will take it away?
This is your final fling.

Paul Linford said...

Who did Mozza actually write that song about Dave?

Anonymous said...

Check out KTAB News report Peer Review, taking a satirical look a the "cash for peerage" scandal.

Anonymous said...


I would say that Morrissey was talking to himself, but then there's the mascara and the guitar...someone from the glam era, perhaps?