Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blair says Brown not to blame

Oh well, that's big of him. Will he now admit that, actually, he is to blame for Labour's current plight by staying at least four years beyond his sell-by date and denying Gordon the chance to win his own mandate in 2005? Don't hold your breath....

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Ben said...

You could argue that had he been appointed earlier Brown might have enjoyed a few years of stability while the economic winds were fair, before hitting the present trouble.

But the present dire state of the country's economy through its inability to withstand today's climate is clearly his own fault.

And his recent record of indecision and incompetence suggests that he would have been a very poor PM in earlier years, as well as now.

The one difference an earlier start to office would have made, perhaps, is that he wouldn't have been the chancellor who committed the awful 10p tax blunder. If a different chancellor had messed up, at least Brown could have distanced himself from the mess.

But, what if ...?

It's hardly fair to blame Blair for the damage Brown has done to himself and to the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben. Further, Tony Blair won the last election by stating that he would serve a full term. Many like me never wanted Gordon Brown as leader and I know for certain that my friends who are not natural labour party supporters would never have voted for the party if he had been leader. Further, Tony Blair did appeal to middle England - the current PM will never do so. We do need all such votes to maintain power. I share the views of woman journalists writing in the Times today who witnessed his appearance before the Select committee. What a performer and someone who we should all be proud of. A wonderful PM, ambassador for this country and likeable man. He is missed! Regards, Jane

Unknown said...

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