Monday, June 02, 2008

Ever Decreasing Circles

Circle Line Parties were a regular feature of rag weeks and other student japes at UCL when I went there in the 1980s. In fact I once personally organised one as the end-of-year bash for the "Pi Collective," a weirdly assorted group of people who ran the college's student magazine at the time, at least three of whom went on to become professional journalists.

Somehow I never thought that putting a stop to this fine old London tradition would be BoJo's first act as Mayor, but as Brockley Kate has pointed out, Saturday night's revellers ("I'm going round and round until I vomit" said one) rather proved his point for him.

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Cyberleader said...

Exactly Paul, bunch of idiots. The web-based organisers of this particular 'flash mob' should be be arrested under public order offences.

It may have been innocent in your university days but nowadays when you see someone drinking your not quite sure how its going to end up, in fact its quite intimidating.

Steve Jackson said...

I think the point is that it's always a big jape when you're doing it but, at worst, threatening and, at best, irritating as hell when it's someone else.

"Fine old London tradition" my arse.

Paul Linford said...

Spoken like a true Londoner, Ourman in Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I get your point. But we do have underground trains too - as you know.

Up here a female friend recently had lager thrown on her by a bunch of menacing charvas (that's chavs in London).

If you don't want scumbags drinking on the train you can hardly decide it's okay for rich University students and their traditions.

Paul Linford said...

Not rich, ourman.

Anonymous said...

Rich enough to ride a train to nowhere while drinking heavily.

So, right now you'd really welcome the chance to be in a carriage full of drunk University students?

Tim Worstall said...

Common from the LSE at the same time too.

Anonymous said...

Ach so, Meinherr

Tales of a well-spent youth

when the World was gentler

and didn't carry so many kNives und Guns

Anonymous said...

You have Spoked like a true Londoner.


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