Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why, Sparky?

Mark Hughes will shortly be giving his first press conference as the new boss of Manchester City. If I was going to be there, I'd simply ask him: Why?

Until this week, I would have said "Sparky" was a shoo-in to be the next boss of Man United when Fergie retires in two years' time. I doubt whether the Old Trafford fans will be too keen on that idea now.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that's exactly why Hughes did it - being Fergie's immediate successor will probably be one of the worst jobs in football (unless, of course, Fergie has a fit of madness in the transfer market to rival that of Summer 03....)

Anonymous said...

Hard to see United going for someone without coaching management experience in the Champions League - the bar has been raised during the Premier League years.

Anonymous said...

why is Mark Hughes called 'Sparky'

Paul Linford said...

I don't know, why is he called 'Sparky?' Because it rhymes with 'Marky?' Because he had a bit of a temper when he was a player? Because he was a good 'match' for Gary Lineker? Anyone's guess.