Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tell Gordon what his vision is

One of the most wounding jibes against Gordon Brown that has been made in recent weeks was David Cameron's comment at PMQs that "he talks about his vision - but has to wait for us to tell us what it is!" Unfortunately today's Queen's Speech with its emphasis on new anti-terror measures that could just as easily have come from the Conservatives will do little to dispel that claim.

So if it's true that the Prime Minister has to be told what his vision is, we may as well try to do that ourselves than wait for the Tories to supply the answers.

I've drawn up a list of ten policy suggestions which I personally would like to have seen in today's programme, ranging from progressive ideas such as extending maternity pay over a full year and doing more to tackle inequality to democratic reforms such as an elected Second Chamber and giving the people their rightful say on the EU Treaty.

To see the full list, and to vote on your own preferences, click HERE.

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1 comment:

MorrisOx said...

Brown was going to get criticised whichever way he played it today. I think he was right to avoid gimmicks and headline grabbers, instead playing a straight bat after weeks of yo-yo politics.

A time wil come for some serious initiatives, but this wasn't it.

As for your suggestions, Paul. Some are spot-on, some are unrealistic.

Thee is no defence on earth for not having a referendum on the EU 'treaty' (or 80% of the failed constitution, as the irish premier had th guts to call it). Not to consult the public properly on such a far-reaching measure is an insult to democracy.

Similarly, there need be little debate avout the worth of a fully-elected second Chamber, scrapping ID cards and caps on party funding.

However...a full year's maternity pay is something the economy simply can't afford right now (especially next year, when businesses will struggle to borrow from banks trying to rein in lending after the profit horror stories they'll reveal later this month); four year fixed-term parliaments would encourage all the long-term vision of a City PLC; ending airport expansion is Luddite extremism; as for more action to combat inequality - define inequality and define the action.