Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Which famous leader are you like?

While admittedly fun, most online tests are inherently stupid, and this one seems stupider than most. It reckons the leader I am most like is JFK, informing me that I "like power because it increases my sexual options." As anyone who knows me well will testify, I'm a happily married man who has never been much of a one for sexual options, but I would be interested to know whether other users get similarly random results!

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Anonymous said...

This is a rubbish test, Paul. It reckons I'm Mahatma Gandhi!

"Morals matter to you and you like to lead by example. Perfection is important to you."

Anyone who knows both of us will testify that our results would probably fit better the other way round!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! I'm Adolph Hitler. This quiz is just taking the proverbial.