Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moving on

Yesterday was the end of an era in the Linford household. We finally moved on from the little terraced house in Belper I have owned since 1989 which was my home both before and after my move down to London and the Lobby in the mid-90s.

When I first bought the place as an impoverished local news reporter, it was a disused shop that was one of only two properties in the town inside my price range. But over the course of about ten arduous but enjoyable years I slowly converted it, first into a bachelor pad, later into the comfortable family home it now is.

The needs of our growing family meant it was time to move on, but although it was inevitably hard to say goodbye, I left this place for the last time shortly before 4pm yesterday afternoon with only happy memories.

For those who appreciate this sort of personal stuff - and I know it's a relatively small minority of you - there's a full pictorial memoir of the house on my companion blog, Behind the Lines.

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James Higham said...

Who chose the name Clara? Lovely pic.

Paul Linford said...


My wife chose it, although it was a name we both liked. I chose her second name, Eloise.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul

What an Adventure - all the best in your (plural) New Home

Yr obedt servant etc


Anonymous said...

Good luck in the new house, Paul.

As a one-time inhabitant of (and regular visitor to) Paul's old house, I would recommend that all readers visit the companion blog, to see what a nice place he's leaving behind.

Lakes Single Mum said...

All the best in the new place! Hope we get to see this one well before you move out....

Maybe we can get you down to Hastings?

MorrisOx said...

My dear Linford,

You are, I know, a man of many talents (unappreciated in some dismally Neanderthal quarters).

What were your digs but became your family home looks uncommonly civilised. I once had a place with Suffolk latches myself, and then the next stage of life intervened.

Cherish the memories and never forget the inspiration.