Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Be careful, Gordy.

There now seems to be a general consensus across what might broadly be described as the political and media classes that Gordon Brown will be the next Prime Minister, and that the process for the handover is already under way.

According to this piece by Nick Robinson the Chancellor no longer greets questions about the succession with gruff denials.

But while I would by and large go along with this conventional wisdom, I would - to paraphrase John Cole's comment about the downfall of Margaret Thatcher - keep 1pc of my mind open to the possibility that Gordon is being rather royally set up.

Eighteen months is an awfully long time in politics, and if at any point Gordon appears to be taking the succession - and more importantly the Labour Party - for granted, then the mood could quickly change.

It is not impossible that someone like Alan Milburn could capitalise on a groundswell of resentment among Labour members at what might appear like an establishment "stitch-up." And this might be exactly what the Blairites are secretly hoping for.

If I were Gordon, I would revert to the "gruff denial" strategy - and fast.


janestheone said...

so-called "ambitious Blairites" are a lot thinner on the ground among Labour party members than they were in 1997 or so. Alan Milburn would however have their support - but no-one else's. A majority of Labour party members would probably like someone like Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Anyway somebody white and male.

skipper said...

As a long time Labour member may I say to Jane that, fine maverick leftie that he is, Jeremy Corbyn, would never be the majority choice of the Labour Party, however white and however male he might be.

janestheone said...

who would be, Skip?