Monday, February 20, 2006

So is Gordon being set-up for a fall?

I promised in a previous post to return to the issue of whether Gordon Brown was being set-up by the Blairites and whether he could yet lose the premiership to someone currently considered a rank outsider like, well, like John Major was until shortly before he came PM.

Well, for anyone who wants to delve into this further, I have elaborated on these arguments in my weekly column.

"The likeliest ways in which Gordon Brown could still lose the premiership are either if he starts appearing to take the job for granted, or if the public simply gets bored of him. The longer Mr Blair strings out what is already becoming an interminable succession drama, the greater the chance of someone else emerging who can present a fresher alternative."

It's also available as a podcast.

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Anonymous said...

So you reckon Brown should keep his head down and his mouth shut, then?

Not sure whether he reads this blog, but if so, here's a useful anagram to help him remember your advice: