Monday, July 24, 2006

Air travel: why Richard Chartres is right

Unlike Iain Dale and the RAC I agree with the Bishop of London when he says that frequent air travel is not really a responsible option for a Christian.

Indeed, I would say that when mainstream politics is ignoring a particular issue of this nature, the Church has even more of a duty to speak out.

Bishop Chartres (who should have got Canterbury in my view) used the word "sin" which is a word always guaranteed to get the media's goat, but "sin" in this context means no more than mankind falling short of God's ideal.

Given that we are supposed to be responsible stewards of His creation, filling the atmosphere with kerasine fumes seems to me to be falling very far short of it.

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The Daily Growl said...

I'm totally with you on this one Paul. The only problem is that will this ideal stop me travelling by air so much, or just feeling more guilty about it when I do? (like Brian Draper on Thought for the Day this morning That's the problem with sin.

Anonymous said...

It's been fifteen years since I flew anywhere, so I can polish my halo.

tazzy18 said...

I agree with you Paul, especially if the frequent fliers are the politicians who used and wasted their country's money just to maintain their luxurious life.