Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A good question

To my knowledge, this post on the Not Proud of Britain blog is the first time the question has been raised as to whether Gordon Brown might have had anything at all to do with Labour Party funding matters.

Somehow, I suspect it won't be the last though. Gordon is, after all, the real enemy as far as the Blairites and a large section of the Tory media are concerned, and if there is any way they can bring him down along with the Prime Minister, they will.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt he has something to do with it. He is, after all, second-in-command AND the money man.

But what's striking to me is not only how keen he is to keep himself above the whole mess, but how willing the rest of the Labour party is to keep him out as well.

Part of The Pact?

Inamicus said...

No evidence, no second corroborating source.....not exactly reliable journalism. Sounds v much like wishful thinking

Anonymous said...

Woffle, I agree with you one hundred per cent.