Friday, July 07, 2006

Remembering 7/7

Largely thanks to Iain Dale linking to my Prescott post (below) I had a record number of hits on this blog yesterday, as well as getting interviewed by the Guardian for a piece coming out on Monday on the whole Lobby - Blogosphere interface that the Prezza story has highlighted.

All of which is very exciting and encouraging for me at this time. But today is the anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, and I don't want you to read my blog today.

I want you to go to Rachel from North London and read the moving words and prayers which the Kings Cross victims will today join together in saying, or to Comment is Free where survivor Holly Finch describes her quest to find goodness admist the suffering.

Above all, I want you to sign the petition for a full public inquiry into these bombings, including the issue of why a bookshop assistant who attempted to tip-off West Yorkshire police about the activities of Mohammad Sidique Khan appears to have been written off as a nutter.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Sunday Times article on the tracker device on Sadique Khan's car.

Nor the fact that a wounded undercover policeman helped the No. 30 bus driver in the aftermath of the bomb.

Nor the fact that the BBC are facilitating face-to-face encounters between berieved victim-relatives and berieved bombers-parents without any prior warning(did Ulster citizens ever get similar priviliges? did any Israelites? Did any Palestinians?)

Did MI5 or SIS ever clamp down on or investigate the torrent of literature and movies from Algeria and Chechnya 1992 onwards (as applicable)?

Will anyone ever prosecute the citizens who wilfully murdered a legitimate south american immigrant as he sat on a northern line train?

Will anyone ever investigate the collapse of the JIC under John Scarlett (see damning comments of former JIC heads ad nauseam)?

We live in an age of anxiety wherein blogs are the only index of reality. Long live their median.

PS. How come John Humphreys and Sir Stephen are still alive in this day and age?

Rachel said...

Thanks Paul

Ellee Seymour said...

How many hits did you get yesterday? I had around 1200 after my link to Iain last Fri.

I have visited Rachel site too, she is an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Anyone got a nag in the 2.45 at Kempton park..?