Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another fine New Labour mess

As the proud owner of a two-bed cottage that is alas rapidly becoming too small for our growing family, I am personally delighted that Home Information Packs are being delayed until 1 August and will even then only affect the sale of four-bed houses. But what a total fiasco for the Government.

I trust for their sakes that the thousands of people who dumped their homes on the market simultaneously this month in a bid to beat the original June 1 deadline and as a result were forced to take well below the asking price in a buyers' market will not be asking for compensation....

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MorrisOx said...

A NuLab classic

1) Come up with what seems like a sound way of overcoming a genuine problem.

2) Lose your bottle in the face of a vested interest and pull the rug from underneath it.

3) Blithely insist that the rug is still there and everything is on track.

4) Keep to the published timetable when a mountain of evidence suggests resources won't be ready in time.

5) Portray the inevitable retreat as an opportunity to progress at a later date.

6) Argue that black is in fact white...

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your analysis morrisox.
This bunch of tossers are ending as they started in complete and utter imcompetence.
They started the ball rolling with their still uncompleted reform of the House of Lords.
Now at the ending of their governence, the fiasco of the HIPS legislation is unfolding.
If I was GB I would be getting a little bit concerned about events unravelling whilst he is still Prime Minister in waiting.
Now that the glare of TB has been diminished, the failings of those under him are being exposed.
GB is going to be hard pressed to convince the public to give him a victory at the next election with this bunch of village idiots in place.

Anonymous said...

Cut them a bit of slack, Paul - they're still hellbent on building more nuclear power stations.

Possibly they'll be selling off the old ones for brownfield residential development, then.

And if these have less than four bedrooms, there'll be no embarrassing admissions in the HIP.

Actually, this would make a welcome change from the alarming trend for local planning cretins to categorise farms as brownfield sites (even though they're made up of - er - green fields) if anyone wants to slip them a load of cash...I mean apply through the proper channels to develop the site for the benefit of the local community.

Anonymous said...

storm in a teacup.the real issue is all the 'liar loans' sorry self cert mortgages they've allowed under their watch.the housing market is in big trouble and a £400 pack of bullshit is the least of their problems.
when you effectively manipulate the inflation figures by using the CPI(excludes hosuing) instead of the RPI,you're on the long term road to a instability which will cause a recession made worse by labours gross mismanagement of govt debt.
this one will be worse because of the sheer scale of the buy to let bubble(they're working for a return on capital of 4-5% on 95%/100% leverage in many cases=long term financial suicide IMHO) and the sarah beeny effect.
Lucky for gordon that he s moving out.