Saturday, May 19, 2007

My vote for Cruddas

I'm not going to make a huge song and dance about it, but I've decided I will be supporting Jon Cruddas for Labour's deputy leadership. There was a time when I might have supported Peter Hain but although I still have a lot of sympathy for some of his ideas on tax I think a fresher face - along with fresher thinking - is required now. Jon is the only candidate in this election who will bring a genuinely new perspective to policy-making and genuinely seek to ensure that the views of mainstream Labour members are heard.

After some initial misgivings, I have come round to the view that the Deputy Prime Minister and the Deputy Leader need not be the same person, and that if Jon does win, Gordon Brown would be quite within his powers to appoint someone else to the DPM post.

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Anonymous said...

Good call Paul. I see that Roy Hattersley's announced he is backing Jon today too.

For anyone that wants to support Jon Cruddas visit

Anonymous said...

Peter Hain is a Welsh MP. Do we really need an un elected yarpy in a Welsh seat along with an unaccountable scotsman to rule over England? Hain has campaigned for majority rule in Scotland, Wales and South Africa, but when it comes to equal rights for England he says "it is dangerous and wrong". Cruddas will do, he might have a skerrick of patriotism for England.

Anonymous said...

Cruddas has described him self as 'British in a George Orwell kind of way'.

Anonymous said...

What!!!!! All men are equal , but some (like Gordon brown) are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...


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