Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An unanswerable case

Firstly, many congratulations to Rachel North on her marriage on Saturday.

With the conclusion of the trial into the foiled terror plot, the story can now be told about what Rachel was on about in this post as referenced on this blog HERE.

In the light of what we now know - that the security services knew that two of the London bombers were part of that terror network and failed to stop them - I find it inconceivable that the Government can continue in its boneheaded refusal of a full public inquiry into 7/7.

Maybe they are just waiting for Gordon to announce it.

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Rachel said...

Thank you very much Paul

Anonymous said...

Just as we didnt need the stephen lawrence inquiry to tell us the police were racist, not that anything has changed since, I don’t see what an enquiry aims to achieve, particularly when it will be very expensive and the money could instead be spent elsewhere maintaining the public sector or on actually improving security strategies.

We already know the security forces fail us as shown by the consistent rise in violent crime, and when they do act its usually on incorrect information, as we saw in Forest Gate and with the Police murder of Jean Charles de Menzes. Although, Rachel North is explicit about the difference between Muslims and Terrorists, she constantly refers to Muslims and therefore the subliminal link between the two opposites gets across. If she really wanted to make this clear, she would have instead supported her point by highlighting the recent report that points out that of a total 500 terrorist attacks in Europe in 2006, one was attributed to those claiming it was committed in the name of Islam?

The Inquiries Act 2005, means the scope of any inquiry can be limited and must be neither public nor independent. But if Rachel North continues to request a full inquiry, then she should also be supporting the July 7th Truth Campaign which believes that the complaints and allegations of a conspiracy made by the recent ‘fertiliser plot’ defendants via Imran Khan’s statement be addressed.

Hence this call for a 7/7 inquiry keeps Muslims in the news and fuels the moral panic about the spread of Islam, the misconceptions about the true extent of ‘Islamist terror’, and the subsequent rise in Islamophobia and racism on our streets