Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The mystery minister

If you go to this thread on Jane Griffiths' blog, you will find some interesting allegations about the identity of the Cabinet minister who offered the late former Newark MP Fiona Jones promotion in return for sex.

Apparently the News of the World have already named him, but you would need to have read two stories written two years apart to make the link. The second story is HERE. Not surprisingly, the original one published in 2005 seems to have disappeared from its website.

No further comment from me required....

Update 1: Alice Miles of the Times has written a brilliant piece on Fiona Jones HERE. "That image of a teenage son heaving a mother in an alcoholic stupor back into bed for her to die, alone, is a dismal reminder that behind the machinery of politics, beyond the criticism and the cynicism we fling, lie real people struggling in a failing system."

Update 2: For some reason, this has been a record-breaking day on this blog, despite the missing hat-tips.

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David Gladwin said...

That second link doesn't seem to be working, Paul.

Is this the story in question?

Anonymous said...

The very nasty Cabinet minister - not Two Shags this time - is clearly a man of straw, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has half a political brain will remeber that in 2005, Fiona did an interview with The Screws in which she stated that a Cabinet Minister, 'fully aroused' had propositioned her in a lift. She was further embarrassed when the same ( in this interview, 'anonymous'man), praised her as 'brilliant' from the platform at the party Conference, thus enraging her jealous enemies in her local drongo party at Newark.

In the account of Fiona's death in The Screws last Sunday, it was alleged that 'Jack Straw' called her brilliant from the Conference platform.
There was also a prominent picture of Fiona with Strwa but, additionally, a picture of her with cocktail sausage, to trow people off the scent.

The Screws may be a Murdoch paper and in the pay of Mr Tony but, hey, come on boys1
Are you a beast or a pussy??

I challenge The Screws to name Straw on Sunday, or sell up and reposition as a parish magazine.

Yah boo sucks!

Ross said...

"Click HERE to take part in the Blog Questionnaire - your chance to say what you would like to see more of on this blog!"

I would like to see some news of that guy that looks like the Demon Headmaster that used to have an important job in government - Something Secretary, wasn't it? How come he has disappeared from the media radar nowadays?

MorrisOx said...


as I'm sure you know, the Man of Straw accusation ain't a new one. Neither is a former Foreign Secretary with a close interest in East Africa the only one to play this particularly pathetic form of power politics. It's as old as Parliament itself and the usual tale of seedy degenerates playing away from home at the boys club.

As I said on your other post about Fiona, I'm more interested in the small town mafia within and without the local Labour Party who banded together (along with friends in uniform) to whisper publicly and privately, make sure nothing but bad news got into the papers at constituency level, and then ruin her in court on a trifle.

I rather doubt these fine, upstanding people of Newark's etsbalishment would be able to look Fiona's sons in the eye.

Praguetory said...

No offence intended, but just for clarity why would anyone need to hat tip you for this story?

Paul Linford said...

Prague Tory

No offence taken, but since you story was posted at 9.32am, ie well before the version that appeared at 11.17am and the one that appeared at 12.49pm.

Praguetory said...

I visit Jane's blog anyway and had also seen Tom Watson linking before your piece so I was curious what warranted a hat-tip.

Paul Linford said...

Well, you clearly think it didn't warrant it but I beg to disagree.

Andrew Brown said...

This post made my flesh crawl Paul.

Really unpleasant blogging.

Paul Linford said...

Sorry you took offence Andrew, perhaps you would care to explain what the problem is?