Friday, October 19, 2007

Clegg decoded

Nick Clegg's campaign launch this morning only served to strengthen my view that he intends to define himself in opposition to his party's traditional supporters, Here are some highlights, with some slightly tongue-in-cheek interpretations from yours truly.

What he said: "Ming is a man of integrity, honour and decency. Over the years he has also shown himself to be a man of impeccable judgment and extraordinary political courage."

What he meant: He made the right decision to resign.

What he said: "Over the last two years or so, the Liberal Democrats have been looking inwards too much."

What he meant: Don't vote for the candidate whose political views are closer to your own, vote for the one who the press tells you is the biggest vote-winner.

What he said: "If the Liberal Democrats are to change the tired old pattern of British politics, we are going to have to be bold, we will have to move outside our comfort zone and take greater risks than we ever have before."

What he meant: I'm going to sell our principles completely down the river.

What he said: "I want us to extend our reach and broaden our appeal to voters beyond the "Westminster village."

What he meant: I'm better looking than Chris Huhne.

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1 comment:

skipper said...

A wicked subtext but on the money I'd say. He is more handsome than Huhne and this will lead to him winning, I predict.