Sunday, October 14, 2007

We're in the final now, you know

Well played the lads. And apologies from all those who doubted you.

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Anonymous said...

Your initial analysis remains correct, Paul. If England go all the way, they will be the most limited side to do so in the history of the event. As an embittered Celt, I could stomach that were it not for the prospect of more pontification from Martin Johnson and Will Greenwood about "discipline", "character" and "effective performance in the critical areas". The England dressing room circa 2003 must have resembled a management consultancy seminar run by Lord Baden-Powell.
The most terrifying scenario of all is an England - Argentina final, which would bring to mind the poet Borges' description of the Falklands War - "Two bald men fighting over a comb."

Anonymous said...

What are you apologising for? I slated England after we lost to South Africa a few weeks back because they deserved to be slated!!