Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not Gordon's finest hour

Amidst the total and utter carnage of today's PMQs, Gordon Brown's decision to give oxygen treatment to a Downing Street petition demanding a General Election has to go down as the silliest move of all.

The Prime Minister boasted this afternoon that the petition had "only" 26 signatures. At the time of posting, it had 2,437 and rising. Like Ben Brogan, I wonder if we have reached the tipping point.

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Toque said...


May I ask, when exactly was Gordon's finest hour?

I don't remember the man ever making a good impression on me. Unless you count waiting around for years and being a yes man for Tony Blair.

I think you look at him through rose-tinted glasses because for years you hoped he might be better than TB.

Anonymous said...

Paul it was a stupid mistake for a man of courage and vision to make, did he not foresee what would happen, has he heard of the blogosphere?

Praguetory said...

It's now approaching 4,000. When you sort petitions by size, it is now on the front page. I reckon it will be in the top 10 come next weeks PMQs.

MorrisOx said...

You could take some comfort from PMQs in the sense that all it told us was what we already knew - Broon isn't Tony Blair.

But how on earth did he get into that mess? Because he spends too much time listening to that abysmally retentive Mini-Me Alexander.

So in he goes, unprepared, gets mugged in the most predictable fashion, grinds his teeth, brays back and ends up looking like the Incredible Clunk.

Meanwhile Mini Me will be busily making sure that wherever the mud does stick it's not on him.

Broon used to try to get him in the Cabinet at every opportunity, to the point where even John Prescott sniggered out loud.

Do yourself a favour, Gordon - send him to sort out Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the same thing happened after David Cameron mentioned those Facebook groups in his conference speech.