Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Attack puppies called off?

Last week both Iain Dale and the equally insightful and reputable UK Daily Pundit were confidently predicting that the government would declare "class war" on David Cameron.

Dale went further and named the three so-called "attack puppies" who would be unleashed against the Tory leader - Tom Watson, Kevin Maguire and, oddly, Denis MacShane, who hardly fits the same stereotype.

Well, it hasn't happened, but this doesn't necessarily mean the story wasn't true. It may just be that Gordon Brown has thought better of employing such a low-grade tactic at a time when he is once more trying to project himself as a serious and purposeful national leader.

The British public are a funny lot. The one thing that might make them more inclined to vote for an Old Etonian than they might otherwise be is if someone sought to make an issue out of his Old Etonianism.

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Anonymous said...

Cameron's background will be rendered irrelevant if he can put together a good set of policies for the public to see. Labour would be misguided to attack him on the basis of his schooling.

James Higham said...

Interesting - the perverse reactions to attacks is something I've jsut been looking at.

Happy New Year, Paul.