Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Devolution Department latest

In my weekend Column I speculated that the appointment of Paul Murphy to the Welsh Office might turn out to be rather short-term and that the creation of a Department for Devolution incorporating the territorial posts might still be on the cards. Lee Waters on the Our Kingdom blog poses the same question and comes up with a similar answer.

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Snafu said...

Why does the UK need a Department of Devolution!?!

Scotland and Wales are quite happy running their own affairs whilst Scottish and Welsh constituents are already over-represented at Westminster.

It's merely an opportunity to waste more taxpayers money on needless bureaucracy and have another cabinet minister.

Anonymous said...

Scotland and awles are not over represented. England has a far bigger population and the queen ins English. You want to bring in english vote for english laws and cut our mps that does not make sense.