Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The blogroll 2007

Thanks to everyone who linked to my blog during 2007, including those who managed to accidentally delete me from their sidebars. For the record - and because we all love a good list - the Top 30 referrers for the year (excluding Google searches) are set out below. Sadly three of these blogs - Labour Watch, British Spin, and the much-missed The Daily - are no longer with us, but the rest continue to thrive.

1. Iain Dale's Diary
2. Guido Fawkes
3. Political Betting
4. Turbulent Cleric
5. Jane's the One
6. Witanagemot Club
7. Dizzy Thinks
8. Tom Watson
9. Comment is Free
10. UK Daily Pundit
11. Liberal England
12. Chicken Yoghurt
13. Mars Hill
14. Kate's Home Blog
15. Labour Watch
16. Bloggerheads
17. w4mp
18. British Spin
19. Praguetory
19. Skipper
21. Obsolete
22. Bob Piper
23. Rachel from North London
24. The Daily
25. Croydonian
26. Conservative Home
27. Politaholic
28. Liberal Conspiracy
28. Mike Ion
30. Tim Worstall

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Praguetory said...

I suppose I'm still here, but I wouldn't say my blog is thriving. I'm going for a different approach in 2008. My website will be more of a rolling journal than a traditional blog.

Anonymous said...

So, Shaun Woodward is to lose his CAbinet job? Or is the post from the Telegraph blog (below) from dopey Rosa Prince motivated by malice? She used to slave away under the Mirror's political editor Oonagh Blackman who now works as, you guessed it, a special adviser to Mr Woodward!

A sticky end for some ministers
Posted by Rosa Prince on 03 Jan 2008 at 13:47
Tags: Gordon Brown, Northern Ireland, Ruth Kelly, Shaun Woodward, James Purnell
My prediction for 2008
It used to be a tradition among cynical hacks to place bets on which celebrities would check into the big rehab clinic in the sky over the coming 12 months.

Will Shaun Woodward bite the dust?

Political journalists have their own form of the game - guessing which ministerial careers will come to a sticky end.

For a while, James Purnell was front runner - young, single, photogenic in a propensity to be photoshopped into events he wasn't present at kind of way.

Others tipped Ruth Kelly, guessing (hoping) she might flounce out of Cabinet in a religious rage over the upcoming Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

My own tip for the first member of Gordon Brown's Cabinet to bite the dust in 2008 - Shaun Woodward.

Appointing a former Tory might have seemed like a good idea back in the summer, when Mr Brown was feeling all inclusive and big tent, but my spies say the PM has come to regret his decision.

Deeply tribal, with a gut hatred of all things Conservative, I hear Gordo has become increasingly irritated with Woodward's "insights" into life under John Major - hardly relishing the comparison.

And Number 10 insiders are giggling up their sleeves at the millionaire's boasts that he has been asked to help run the General Election campaign.

Rumour is the PM will take advantage of the disquiet over Des Browne's dual role as Scotland and Defence Secretary to create a new Secretary of State for the Nations -thereby politely removing the Northern Ireland
post from the turncoat Woodward.

Posted by Rosa Prince on 03 Jan 2008 at 13:47

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Paul Linford said...


Indeed, and hasn't Oonagh's old friend Kevin Maguire also stuck the knife into Woodward recently?