Friday, January 11, 2008

Heaven knows I'm fashionable now

Tory leader David Cameron has apparently been paying homage to his "musical hero" Morrissey again, this time with a visit to Salford Lads Club.

We already know that This Charming Man is one of Dave's faves, but which other Smiths/Morrissey classics can be found on his iPod? Here's a few suggestions:

Sweet and Tender Hoodie Hooligan
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
Miserable Lie
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Nowhere Fast
A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours
Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before
Margaret on the Guillotine (Okay, maybe not this one...)

Meanwhile a fellow Smiths fan emailed me with the following comment which may or may not be pertinent.

"Presumably Cameron chose This Charming Man on Desert Island Discs in the hope that people would think the title suited him. Of course, anyone having found the time since 1983 to listen to the lyrics with anything approaching care will have wondered whether he saw himself as the boy on the desolate hillside with his punctured bicycle, waiting for nature to make a man of him, or the charming man who happens by in his charming car, where the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat."

Does anyone know the answer?

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Anonymous said...

Of course it could be that Cameron just happens to like that particular song - it might not be a political selection. Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, Anonymous. I think that Paul's correspondent was implying that This Charming Man might have been a sexual selection on Cameron's part!

Anonymous said...

I know that Morrissey and Cameron have similar views on immigration.

janestheone said...

I suspect that Morrissey makes Cameron look like a soft lefty. I am going to see him (Morrissey not Cameron) in Strasbourg a week today. I am not a fan but am giving him a try so to speak. He is allegedly going to play Tehran and Jerusalem. Hmmm.

merrick said...

Ourman and Jane, I'm not sure where you get your ideas about Morrissey's politics, unless it's the recent hoo-hah about his 'racism' in the NME.

Morrissey has said that the interview was a stitch-up, that he was deliberately misquoted to make him appear racist, and so he is suing the NME.

You can read his response to the allegations here

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Bigmouth Strikes Again in the list?

janestheone said...

I've read his response and he is clearly completely bonkers - but that's not surprising given his history

Anonymous said...

I'm getting very vexed by people pointing the finger and calling others racist. Morrissey's views are pretty mild and he is entitled to his opinion.
Clearly some people have no idea how dangerous the current situation is. There is an entire generation of kids who feel that the violent thugs of the BNP are the only party who will listen to them. These are kids of all skin colour who feel invaded and angry.
Somebody from either Tory or Labour needs to let them know that they can have social housing and a job/trade - otherwise horrific scenes, like the mass beating of Polish people in Crewe, will escalate.
Petty minded journalists trying to trap Morriseey so that they can sneer and call him racist, are just a waste of time. Are they scared to cover the real story? I'm scared to be living around it.