Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who cares if Cameron likes a puff?

Charles Kennedy was famously caught smoking on a train after numerous unsuccessful attempts to give up, and now Kevin Maguire and Friends are speculating that David Cameron may be back on the evil weed. But even within the current climate of health fascism, does it really matter?

Mr Cameron certainly wouldn't be the first to transgress in this way. I won't name the Labour health minister who told me in 1997 that he'd given up, only to be spotted on the Terrace having a crafty one a year later.

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Tim said...

I think it would matter just a little bit if Tory Shadow Minister for Health, Anne "I'm a nurse, me" Milton was a secret smoker, but I couldn't* possibly comment.

(*oh dear... I think I just did.)

Anonymous said...

Complete 'non-story'. The public have given up caring who smoked it and who didn't. Sorting out the NHS and education is far more prevalent in the minds of voters!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Evening Standard running a competition for readers to send in a picture of Paddy Ashdown smoking when he was leader as they knew he was on the fags, wanted to puncture his squeaky clean image but couldn't find him photographed at it. Dunno if it yielded anything or would've done any any damage even if any were discovered.

Anonymous said...

To much whacky backy. To need to go back.