Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bill Richardson is my man

Courtesy of Iain Dale I couldn't resist having a go at the Electoral Compass USA test designed to see which presidential election candidate comes closest to your views.

The answer in my case is the Democrat outsider Bill Richardson, with Hillary Clinton not far behind. The candidate whose views I am furthest away from is the Republican, Fred Thompson.

Bill Richardson would be a good vice-presidential candidate to Clinton or Obama in my view - despite his English-sounding name he's actually a Hispanic so would draw the large Spanish vote in.

I also expect Fred Thompson to end up on the ticket as a running mate to either John McCain or Rudy Guiliani.

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Anonymous said...

I was associated with Edwards closely followed by Hillary. Like you, I am furthest away from Mr Thompson. It was a very good survey.........regards Jane

Anonymous said...

I got exactly the same result as Paul.

Yes, Richardson would tick many boxes, being not just Hispanic, but the Governor of a southwestern state lost by the Democrats last time (New Mexico), and also having the experience of being a former Cabinet member (Energy Secretary and Ambassador to the UN).

But Hillary might not pick him when she's apparently sore at a joke he made about the White House furniture. I'd say Tom Vilsack is a more obvious choice for her. If she wants a real 'Blue Dog' Democrat, there's also Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana.

Thompson is indeed a possibility (despite his rather lethargic and inarticulate performance in the Fox News Republican candidates' forum) but there are other names in the frame for the Republican veep nomination, including Governor Pawtrey of Minnesota, Mark Sanford, Senator Lynsey Graham, Bill Owens, and (if McCain dares risking the wrath of the GOP establishment by picking a maverick running mate) Chuck Hagel.