Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Diana non-story

Like most rational human beings, I gave up on the Princess Diana "story" a long time ago. Although my very first reaction when I heard about her death was to assume that the secret services had bumped her off, the idea of the Duke of Edinburgh as some sort of murderous eminence grise is simply not credible.

So I reckon Roy Greenslade's call for editors to stop reporting the increasingly tedious Diana Inquest is probably quite timely.

But it seems to me there is a slightly deeper issue here to do with the nature of modern journalism which I am surprised that Greenslade, as a media commentator, does not address more fully. It concerns what I would term "journalism without context."

Only this week, for instance, we have witnessed newspapers and broadcasters alike getting all excited over the second-hand "revelations" from the Princess's allies that she did not think Charles would become King, ignoring the fact that this ground was extensively covered by the Princess herself in her notorious 1995 Panorama interview.

Similarly, there has been much made in recent days of the infamous "Mishcon letter" in which the Princess aired the fear that her car would be tampered with in order to cause her to have an "accident." This too has been in the public domain for a number of years.

Maybe the press and broadcasting organisations think that the British public really does have the attention span of a gnat, and that after a certain amount of time has elapsed, any old rubbish can be presented as news on the basis that we'd all have forgotten about it first time round.

Maybe they are adopting a "year zero" approach to journalism, where everything that happened before a given date is simply ignored. I have known this to happen on papers, for instance when the editor changes, and unscrupulous news eds try to hoodwink the new guy by presenting an old story as freshly-minted.

Or maybe it's just that news organisations everywhere are still in thrall to the idea - almost certainly mistaken if the sales figures of the Daily Express are anything to go by - that Diana still sells papers.

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septicisle said...

The thing that rankles most with me over this whole sordid thing is that the very people most supportive and demanding of this inquest (al-Fayed, the Express) have long ago made their minds up about what happened. When it inevitably reaches the conclusion that she died as a result of a tragic accident, are they still going to keep up this conspiracy theory charade? The whole thing has been doomed to failure from the very beginning, and the establishment has feel completely into the trap.

Anonymous said...

As long as Diana keeps selling papers, papers will keep talking about Diana. Nothing will prevent that.

MorrisOx said...

A total non-story.

The saddest thing of all is that the same fate has befallen poor Madeleine McCann. An abducted little girl now seen as little more than a device to drive circulation and audience figures.

There can be no more savage indictment of modern media values.

Anonymous said...

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The Daily Pundit said...

Is anonymous 14:41 suggesting that Guido Fawkes murdered Princess Di? Or is he getting Fawkes mixed up with Prince Phillip?

Paul Linford said...

Yes, let's try and keep it on topic can we?

I suspect this is the same anonymous as this Telegraph blog poster.

dreamingspire said...

Very sadly, in the testimony Diana comes over as deluded. One has to ask why did that happen? Surely its not simply the 'three of us in this marriage'. Was it her own personality that led her into that dark tunnel? Or did her own family influence her? I cannot help remembering her brother's speech after her death: his challenge to the Windsors. Was she in the middle of an old-fashioned dynastic battle?

Anonymous said...

There is some excuse for Al-Fayed. None whatsoever for his despicable leech of a lawyer Mike Mansfield QC