Friday, March 16, 2007

Five things to change the world

Sadly I've never been asked to contribute to Comment is Free - they've probably got enough lefties at the Guardian already - but if I had taken part in yesterday's What would you change? opinion-fest to mark the first birthday of the site, here's what I would have listed as the things I want to see change in the year ahead.

* to see Gordon Brown as Prime Minister reaching out in a radical new, policy-rich direction which genuinely seeks to fulfil Labour's mission to serve the many, not the few.

* to see people starting to take personal responsibility for tackling climate change, including changing their travel patterns, and for acquaintances of mine who refuse to do anything about recycling to realise how stupid and short-sighted they are being.

* to see a growing awareness of the futility of military action in Iraq and other Middle East countries where the West is already viewed as the enemy, and a growing recognition of the need to tackle the Israel-Palestine conflict ahead of anything else.

* to see an end to the absurd micromanagement by Whitehall of housebuilding targets, leading to the production line of uniform boxes with tiny or non-existent gardens coupled with increasing encroachement onto green belt land.

* to see people taking faith and spirituality more seriously, realising there is more to life than money and material possessions.

Oh well, I can but dream....

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Anonymous said...

I think Gordon is going to be a sad disappointment to you.Most of us who had any illusions in him have sadly realised this already.

Paul Linford said...

You may be right, but I'd still rather have him than any of Blair's little disciples.

Anonymous said...

Paul you say:

"to see Gordon Brown as Prime Minister reaching out in a radical new, policy-rich direction which genuinely seeks to fulfil Labour's mission to serve the many, not the few."

What exactly does this mean? For all the problems of the last 10 years, I fail to see how Labour hasn't served the many!

david kendrick said...

Recycling to help climate change sounds a good idea.

But it also illustrates one of the difficulties----understanding the problem in the first place. There is negligible value in the recycled products. So why do it?

The answer is a curious one. It is because otherwise, more rubbish would have to go to landfill. And we are told that we are running out of holes in the ground. Is that true? Again not a straight forward answer. In some places, yes. But in others, especially in areas where there has been extensive quarrying, no. And because it is so expensive to move rubbish, where there are virtually limitless holes for landfill, recycling makes no sense, either financially, or enviromentally.

The 'official' view is that we are all encouraged to recycle, even in places where it makes no sense, 'pour encourager les autres'.


Anonymous said...

As self-seeking a piece of Hwyll that ever rose from the bottom of a pint of pasteurised nitr-kegged real ale as I ever heard; Kinnock would be proud of you...

You want to see a scotsman with a chip on his shoulder running England with a spreadsheet... you must be nuts! He will be handed the poison chalice by Blair before being ousted by a leadership challenge that will make Stalin look like a nun! Prescott will re-emerge, etc.

Palestine/Israel is basically a cathartic exercise to keep the Islamo/Judeo conflict localised in one area; a sort of extremist religious boxing ring; its got nothing to do with Iraq which is to do with oil reserves and having a military platform in the middle of the Arab states (handy for missile lauch sites,etc.".

PS Global warming doesn't exist; the climate is warming, but its nowhere near as warm as it was for the later part of the dark ages 600-1000AD, etc, etc. Has no-one realised that the eco-activists are the same nutters that turned up at every single march or protest simply to kick the hell out of all and sundry?

Isn't it time you started doing some REAL journalism (and research) rather than being a "repeater" for drunk and drug-sozzled hacks regurgitate to fill those white spaces between the advertisements.

As for home-building and the green belt, well do we want "the Beast to inherit the Earth" by protecting wildlife, or do we want decent houses with large gardens? We can't have both the green belt and bigger gardens....

As ever, Honey.

MorrisOx said...

I'll give you your five things to change the world:

1) Gordon Brown reverses his catastrophic 1997 decision to remove Advanced Corporation tax relief on share dividends, a move that sucked more than £5 billion a year out of pension funds ever since, causing lasting damage to a retirement benefits system that had been the envy of the world and landing hard-working people with inadequate cashpots fo their retirement.

2) Ditto

3) Ditto

4) Ditto

5) Ditto

Anonymous said...

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skipper said...

I agree with all those items plus people realising that: speaking loudly in the company of others, whether on mobiles, in a pub or on the street, is just rude and anti-social; leaving litter and especially chewing gum on pavements is very much ditto; plus a Victor Meldrew list of other things.